NHS Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Week 1st - 7th April

For  NHS Type2 Diabetes Prevention Week we held an awareness event at Inspire Fitness with at least one of Jo, Sally and Liz there for some time each day for people to talk to. Have a look at the album which includes a photo of Ruth Green who owns Inspire Fitness and who is interested in helping people to improve their diabetes health as she has a family member who has diabetes,

The aim was to get people to find out what their risk is of developing Type 2 diabetes and to point them towards what help they can get if they are high risk. This help is the Healthier You Programme which is a tailored course to prevent people from going from prediabetic to diabetic and involves 18 sessions over a 9 month period to help people make lifestyle changes. From talking to someone who is on it, it is a very useful course. The second aim was to provide information to those with diabetes and promote our group and local services.

We purchased a display board for this event which we can use for other awareness events and for our own group meetings.