Meeting with MPs Case Workers

We made our third attempt at meeting Michelle Donelan, Conservative MP for Chippenham, on 6th October but due to illnes we had a meeting with Caroline Ramsey, her Senior Case Worker and Town Councillor Holly Bradfield, Assistant Case Worker instead.

However, we had a very interesting meeting and put our points about the lack of foot care for diabetic patients to both of them.  We also said that it would be useful if GP surgeries could be persuaded to display posters of our meetings, offer patients advice on nutrition and perhaps refer patients to the X-Pert Health Course, which we explained had been very useful to those of us who had attended.

We told them of the numbers of amputations per day happening due solely to diabetic complications and they were quite shocked.  Obviously they realise that this is costing the NHS far more than if they could provide education to help newly-diagnosed patients.

All in all we felt we had a good meeting despite not actually seeing Michelle Donelan, and felt it was worthwhile.

Michelle has subsequently drafted a letter to the CCG with our issues.